#WhoAmI (I Am not)

You noticed such a feature when a person is asked a question: “Who are you? »He either falls into confusion, or begins to talk about his achievements at work or about his marital status at the speed of light, nervously trying to insert any personal qualities in the story: I am kind, I am punctual, I am selfish, etc.

No, you are mistaken, I am no different from these people! Smear porridge cooked from ingredients such as a rich inner world, peace of mind and universal balance, I’m not going to.

I live in a quite lively rhythm of life and, unfortunately, and maybe even to joy, I have a shortage of time for such ingredients. I believe (this is my personal opinion and I don’t impose it on anyone) that when a person approaches a line beyond which there is an eternity long eternity about knowing oneself, it means everything is so shitty that nothing helps, nor the family (if it’s there), neither friends (if they exist), nor work (if there is one), nor any personal hobbies (if they exist). It often happens that none of the one-legged points of the above is still present in life, then knowing yourself as a loved one can drag on for a long time, because the very difficult task will be added to this: “What is the meaning of life if there are no objects that forming this meaning ? “

As you know, these topics can be discussed sooooo long. I will return, nevertheless, to the main question on this page: “Who am I? ” Interesting ? If not, then you can leave my abode with a clear conscience, it’s normal that a person wakes up interest in not everything and not everything at once 🙂 Well, if, to my delight, your curiosity has taken root on my page, then for your center of perception I will make a huge gift of information and will not overwhelm it with an endless stream of stories about my work, family and marital status, as well as about my innumerable positive qualities of character (no one will ever admit negative ones). More precisely, shorter and clearer to write who I am not.

And so friends, I present a personal profile:


The natural color of my hair is light brown. If I take my temperament, then it’s definitely ginger 🙂


 If suddenly, in some of my articles it seems to you that I’m supposedly treating your educated and intellectual brain, then you … you just think it. I am against the treatment of the brain, all the more virtually, in dispersion and in writing. Information that I will share with you with love and great pleasure on the pages of my blog about my worldview on things and events.


 Briefly. I’m not a model


 Yes, I have been living in Switzerland for a very long time, but, unfortunately … NO … here i can write with absolute certainty that FOR JOY, I did not get infected with foreign way of thinking. I will not particularly go into details here, why, what and how, you will understand from my articles with relevant topics.

This profile will be in constant editing, as you yourself will give me food to think about who I am not.

Thank you so much for reading this line now, because it is the last on this page and I am able to attract your attention. For me, this is the most expensive reward.

With love