dye hair at home

Dye hair at home

Pandemic made us save on hairdresser services

 Dye hair at home.

Dedicated to Blondes!

Quarantine has made numerous changes in the lives of all people on the planet. Negative immediately push aside, my blog is not for suicides. But the positive – this is my main lighthouse in life, which brightly illuminates the most difficult and dark path.

On coronavirus infection (COVID-19), so many people on the network and outside it have already been hyped that at least assemble an army. I do not intend to breed a hysteria around a new disease, I will look for advantages in each situation. On the bad parties we are perfectly informed by television, radio, Internet information portals, etc.

And so, in connection with quarantine, it became impossible to visit the hairdresser.

I am blonde and regrown roots are visible three weeks after staining. Accordingly, my visit to the hairdresser took place at least once a month. My last visit to a specialist took place just before the announcement of quarantine in Geneva. I remember, now, that unfortunate Monday, March 16th. I went with my husband to lunch at one of the famous restaurants. At that moment, the dining room, in which there was usually no place to fall,  was empty. Only a couple of tables were occupied (quarantine in educational institutions and some other organizations was announced two days earlier). We made an order and, while waiting for our dishes, involuntarily witnessed a telephone conversation from the administrator, from which we realized that from today, from 18:00, all catering establishments, non-food stores, hairdressers, beauty salons and other public institutions will be closed quarantine until April 16th.

And the first thought that visited my head was “It’s so good that I visited the hairdresser last week! “. For more than ten years I have not dyed my hair on my own.

But I admit, girls, and maybe boys, the wolf’s not as terrible  as they paint it. Of course, three weeks after the quarantine was announced, I had to go round at least five huge supermarkets, defend a considerable amount of time in coronavirus queue (which stretched and are stretching now for hundreds of meters from the supermarket due to the observance of the social distance between people) in order to find something as close as possible in quality and parameters to the hair dye that dyed my hair in the salon. In the end, I managed to find several options, pictured above.

The report for each of them will be in separate articles.

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