John Kehoe mind power

John Kehoe Mind Power

“Your circumstances and situations never keep you down. The only things that keep you down and keep you stuck are your thoughts.”

                 ― John Kehoe, Mind Power Into the 21st Century

John Kehoe “Mind Power”

This article will be interesting to fans of literature on psychology and self-improvement.

The wanderings of my thirsty self-knowledge and self-perfection of the soul, constantly looking for confirmation of the unlimited power of the subconscious and intuition ended when I accidentally stumbled “in contact” at the marathon of the famous writer and teacher John Kehoe. This is the author of the world’s best-sellers   books “The Power of the Mind,” “The Subconscious Mind Can Do Everything,” etc. I was attracted to the name of the marathon, which is identical to one of his books, “Mind Power” We all have a subconscious mind, and if we take into account the author’s statement that the subconscious can do anything, then the tempting prospect of mastering at least a small fraction of his control should be immediately studied. So I think and those who are close to this topic.

So, the marathon was free and lasted a week. Frankly, I did not go through it to the end. This person, his work and pedagogical skills were so interesting that I decided not to start from the middle, but to start from the beginning. After three days of the marathon, I purchased John Kehoe’s book Mind Power. And from that moment on, like a snowball, the potential for the realization of dreams and the ways of their fulfillment began to increase. Acquaintance with Kehoe was followed by a “marathon of dreams” by Elena Blinovskaya (I will discuss this in a separate article), the possibility of studying intuitive eating with Svetlana Bronnikova, etc. I had the opportunity to remember and train those skills that are inherent in us from birth, but which we unfortunately lose or kill under the pressure of things around us, people and generally accepted attitudes.

Each person has a huge potential for self-development in all spheres of life and he has been given all the tools for this. So, John Kehoe’s book “Mind Power” is amazingly describing how to use these tools to achieve success in fulfilling desires (his techniques are 100% valid, tested myself), to achieve financial well-being, get rid of health problems and establish relations with both close ones and society. This book teaches how to control your consciousness, how to program the subconscious mind and develop intuitive abilities.

“Negatives only have power over you when you react to them”

                                                 ― John Kehoe

The accomplishment techniques provided by John in the book are simple but effective. These are the things that lie on the surface, and every day we pass by and don’t notice them or don’t want to notice, because we are already used to our way of life and are afraid to change something. We dream of a better life and at the same time do nothing to change it. Therefore, many of us remain dreamers until the end of our lives.

How often do we think and spend our energy on material steps that should lead us to our dreams. We want a bigger house, a better car, more prestigious work (respectively, a higher salary), better health, a stronger relationship, and so on. Did  you meet a person who is one hundred percent satisfied with all areas of his life. And if you meet, it will be that person who knows that everything in life is achieved by the power of the mind. He knows that the mind needs to be constantly trained, as an athlete trains his skills to win. Moreover, he knows exactly how to do it.

Any successful person will confidently say that success is primarily a way of thinking, attitudes, a well-developed intuition and subconscious mind. This is where you need to take the first step to success. This is where you initially need to spend your energy. I am sure that John Kehoe’s book “Mind Power” will be for everyone the first and very significant step to a new way of thinking, to the way of thinking of the winner!

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