Кроссовки run away Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Run Away Sneaker

Louis Vuitton Run Away Sneaker – running away is easy!

Run Away Sneaker Louis Vuitton.

A few words about the brand.

French fashion house, founded by Louis Vuitton, master of trunks and travel bags, in 1854. The uniqueness of the brand’s creator lies in the fact that it was Louis Vuitton who invented the travel suitcases in the flat form in which we now them know. And he did this even before he founded his personal production, thereby making a splash in the industry. New travel bags, that is, flat suitcases, became known as Trianon. This is the name of the waterproof fabric with which the suitcases were covered.

Louis Vuitton was a very inventive person and came up with many more useful things for travel. This is a round bag for the driver, which could be hidden in the hole for the wheel, and a non-drowning suitcase, and a trunk-secretary …

You can go into the details of Louis Vuitton’s story for a very long time, but I still wanted to share with you more of my feelings and aesthetic side. In this article, the highlight of the program will be Louis Vuitton Run Away sneaker. Indeed, the name speaks for itself! LOUIS Vuitton Run Away sneaker is so comfortable that it can be run easily. But this is figurative, because – it is not for the gym.


I purchased this model in red in 2016. In Geneva, in the LOUIS Vuitton store, this model was not available in this color and I had to go after it to Barcelona. This is a legendary and very stylish model! It is made of high quality suede calf leather, and inside is made of the most delicate calf skin of white color. The outsole of the Louis Vuitton run away sneakers is made of rubber.

But this iconic sneaker has another very nice bonus. In addition to stylish design and excellent quality, they make their owner 5 centimeters higher! Well, isn’t it a miracle sneaker? The fact is that a five centimeters heel is skillfully integrated in the outsole, which is completely invisible. When you wear it, it feels like you’re wearing slippers. It is very comfortable sneaker. The only small flaw, or I don’t know what to call it, because the word “flaw” does not quite stick with this shoe. They are a little heavy, but this does not affect the comfortable feeling.

The price for this model ranges from 800 $ to 900 $. The color schemes and texture of materials vary depending on the collection, but some stylistic decisions are delayed in sale for longer than one season.

View the current collection of Louis Vuitton sneakers by clicking on this link 

It is also useful to know that depending on the country you have chosen on the LOUIS Vuitton website, the assortment of collections will be slightly different. That is – on the US website – some models will be presented to your attention, but on the French website you can find models that are not on the USA website. Anthological with other locations.

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