quarantine covid 19


Coronavirus COVID-19. The world froze in anticipation of significant variables! Quarantine.

Quarantine without rights, but with rules ….

I will not say thank you to the virus for giving the planet an opportunity to rest, as many famous people do. I am not for sacrifice and I am sure that it is possible to  find a loyal and painless way out of any situation, at least without sacrificing the most helpless! In a certain percentage of cases of infection, the virus is fatal. How can I say thanks to the killer? In principle, nothing changes – one is cured, the other is crippled. Most likely, in this case we need to say thanks for quarantine and the panic around it to the governments, with the result of the ecological breathing of our planet.

For the most part, it saves society from the elderly or people with severe chronic diseases that have long ceased to bring any benefit to society, but are very expensive for this society. And this also leads to certain thoughts …

All media broadcast only about coronavirus, its victims, precautions and the number of infected people, thereby driving the entire population into confusion, a state of uncertainty and even greater fear. No one talks about how to survive this situation, what specific consequences of the pandemic await us in the future, and how to return everything to normal, even with certain losses.

Uncertainty and suspense throws people headlong into philosophy and religion. And I do not judge, everyone saves his mind as he can. Indeed, the mind is the core of all human existence. And in order to continue this existence, it is necessary first of all to save it  (of course, if there is something to save). So, being a reasonable person, as they say HOMO SAPIENS, you need to somehow maintain this status and in conditions of fierce competition stand out from the others, thereby demonstrating the primacy in the crowd of the same sapiens. I won’t curl curly phrases about man’s mediocre attitude to nature and ecology, I won’t sing songs that this is a sign from above, I will also refrain from the theory of the forced loss of a certain number of lives for the supposedly environmentally friendly future of the planet. It happens and it is a fact.

Learn to read between the lines, learn to understand the silence between phrases, analyze what is happening with your head and your feelings. It’s time to learn to rely only on yourself, only on your feelings and emotions. Do not allow strangers, events and things to control your state of mind, only because at the moment you are isolated from society and are in tight control. Life has not ended, it is rapidly flowing in yourself in its new guise, it doesn’t pass by you.

But I am not writing this article in order to cultivate demagogy and try to find pitfalls, or to blame someone for something. All the same, we still will not know, at least for another thirty years. I’m leading to the fact that, in every life situation, especially a situation that we cannot affect the direct and we can only wait for an indefinite amount of time for an indefinite result, we need to try to disconnect our brain from the hourly flow of negative information and analyze our personal reality, which is our true component. What is happening in the world is one reality, and what is happening to you in your life now is a completely different reality, even if these two realities are interconnected by the condition put forward to us under quarantine. And I am one hundred percent sure that you will find enough positive and optimistic things in what is happening.

You’ve probably heard of such a concept as getting out of your comfort zone. To get something that you never had, but really wanted, you need to start doing what you never did! And since all of us were simultaneously forcibly taken out of this comfort zone with a tough instrument called “quarantine”, I am sure it is time, left alone with ourselves, to listen to our selves, to understand what we really want and start acting, removing from It’s good for each situation to learn something new, to break stereotypes and, nevertheless, to see positive, because no one has canceled it, despite the same type of negative content that just bursts from all the slots of information portals.

Wanted to change jobs? It’s time to start from scratch!

Want to get a college degree? – Online is quite possible.

Want to learn a foreign language? – Yes, and not just one,

Dreamed of working remotely? Your wish came true one hundred%

For a long time you could not devote the right amount of time to family and children? – Go for it!

All those things that you wanted to do, but did not find time to implement them, and I am sure there are a huge number of them, you can start to implement today, now, right away.

And as a bonus – think about how much money you save during quarantine on trips, restaurants, shopping and other pleasures of life that were available before the pandemic. The good news is that joy surrounds us now, you need

And as a bonus – think about how much money you save during quarantine on trips, restaurants, shopping and other pleasures of life that were available before the pandemic. The good news is that joys surround us even now, you just need to switch to a new lifestyle and accept what is happening. This works out of habit. Something new always brings a certain discomfort to the existing way of life and thinking. It’s like a new pair of shoes, first it shakes and rubs the corn, then it takes the shape we need and begins to bring not only aesthetic pleasure, but also the most important thing – comfort. The human consciousness is created in such a way as to be able to get used to and adapt to everything that happens, only to something longer, and to something faster. And the time will come when the lifestyle imposed on us today will also become the norm, and, yes, it will bring us both aesthetic pleasure and comfort. Do not forget – everything in life is subjective. Your current condition is 100% your choice! I clarify – your personal condition, and not the state of society at the moment …

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