Schwarzkopf COLOR EXPERT 10.1

Schwarzkopf COLOR EXPERT 10.1

The first product I tried to lighten hair at home – Schwarzkopf COLOR EXPERT (professional quality color) tone 10.1

Well, what, my dears, the process of dyeing hair at home, if there is no practice, is nervous and time-consuming. This prosess is even harder for platinum blondes with a natural dark shade of hair, since the process of coloring the roots (so that in the end result there are no dark spots) is very time-consuming. It is also important to calculate the time and not stay too long with the product on the head to prevent brittle hair in the future. Usually, when lightening the roots, it is recommended to keep the emulsion on the head for no more than 45 minutes. 

But even if my hair is not strong enough, I keep it on my head a little longer than the recommended interval. First, I put part of the paint on the roots, keep it on the roots for 25 minutes, then put the remaining paint on all my hair and keep it for another 25 minutes. I, without fail, use a cellophane shower hat for hair, as it creates a thermal effect and enhances the effect of a brightening emulsion.

About hair color Schwarzkopf COLOR EXPERT 10.1

Schwarzkopf blond 10.1

I bought it at an ordinary supermarket in Geneva for 10 Swiss francs.

In Russia, it costs somewhere around 700 rubles per package. Beware of fakes, the price of which can be several times lower. i advice to trust your precious hair to world famous brands, which, as a rule, meet quality standards and provide the most accurate result without harmful effects on the hair.

And so, packaging with a purple background (background). In the color box itself there is serum for hair protection which you have to add to the bottle with an emulsion applicator and cream color. I also liked the fact that in addition to the restorative hair product, which is usually used after dyeing as a balm, there is another restorative product intended for use three weeks after the procedure.

On the packaging, the manufacturer claims that after application:

90% less brittle hair
Hair quality improves significantly
Hair is not confused
The hue lasts a long time

Feelings of “before” and “after”

When mixing all the ingredients, a pleasant enough odor was present that did not irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose, as is usually the case with ammonia-containing products. After applying the mass to the scalp, there was absolutely no burning sensation. No discomfort. It is washed off quite easily and which is really nice, I repeat again, the condition of the scalp is amazing – there is no burning, there is no sensation of dryness and itching. These qualities are just a godsend for a brightening agent that initially burns out the native pigment of the hair and at the same time irritates the skin. The restorative really tightens the hair and gives it a well-groomed healthy shine

The process of applying paint is my story and not the manufacturer. Out of habit, there was a desire to simply squeeze the entire mass in one fell swoop on the top of the head and smear it like a shampoo. There was also a desire to run a tube in the mirror and go do any other business that does not require freezing in the “arms up” position for as long as 20 minutes, at least. There was still a lot of all kinds of emotional protests of such a plan, before, after all, after all, my sober mind forced me to paint as needed and where necessary. But what a relief and pride I felt when I took off my plastic gloves and threw the empty bottle into the trash can.


Paint for blondes

In the photo above, you can see the result that Schwarzkopf promises, and in the photo below, what happened. The expectation surpassed reality. Since my length was originally colored in platinum, it became more saturated and acquired a better pearl shade, the result with the roots disappointed me (my natural hair color is light brown with an ash tint). The roots turned out a muted golden hue. Not that it looked resonant, on the contrary, in general, the hair color looks very organic. It’s just that when you are promised one thing, but the result is different, you are disappointed.

beautiful blond color

For example. In the photo below – salon staining



  • Price (Availability) 5
    Pack 5
    Easy to prepare 5
    Feeling of comfort 5
    Result 3,5

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